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Bulgarian cooking traditions are centuries old. Bulgarian cuisine is rich in spices, herbs and condiments. Many of the Bulgarian spices are indigenous to the region and are so unique and flavorful that people all over the world fall in love with them when they try them.If you are one of these people or if you would like to try the magical world of Bulgarian spices then we are here for you. We help bring the magic of Bulgarian spices to your table! Anywhere in the world!Happy shopping! 

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Seasoning blend
Seasoning blend
Seasoning blend
Pure herb
Seasoning blend
Seasoning blend
Seasoning blend
Pure herb

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Thanks for the advice Got the ones I wanted delivered today Have a good weekend Alex
Alex Fuller
I purchased it in the past. I must say that I absolutely loved the spices! Also, you are very friendly and helpful, and that counts a lot!
Lilly-Ann / France
Dear Ivo, Thank you for writing to me. I would be delighted to respond to your request but it may be longer than you bargained for. I have had a long term interest in Balkan history, music, and cuis… Read more
Is the salt i ordered the Bulgarian spice mix. Cos thats what im looking for. Had booked for sunny beach again for july but cant see it happening and running low on the spices.
John K.
Hello, My number one reason to buy Bulgarian species is that they have a unique taste that cannot be replicated. They taste like home! Best regards, Svilena
You were mentioned in a webpage about Sicilian honey garlic, spotted during a walk this week. I love the wild garlic that grows in the UK and wondered if the Sicilian variety was edible too. I also lo… Read more
It was on TV! I got salt today. Thank you very much
Kosuke Chisaki
Dear Ivo, My kinds likes them!
Els V.
I did not order yogurt starter but did order spices and love them. I shall order again in the future.
Ivo, I am enjoying the Bulgarian spices…..sent some of the packages to a good friend in Russia. She used one of them, but put too much in the food! Now she knows how strong they are. I have been to… Read more

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