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Bulgarian cooking traditions are centuries old. Bulgarian cuisine is rich in spices, herbs and condiments. Many of the Bulgarian spices are indigenous to the region and are so unique and flavorful that people all over the world fall in love with them when they try them.If you are one of these people or if you would like to try the magical world of Bulgarian spices then we are here for you. We help bring the magic of Bulgarian spices to your table! Anywhere in the world!Happy shopping! 

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Hi Ivo, We have a business center in Varna and I have made some friends there who have brought me out for dinner and we experienced Bulgarian food and culture. I very much like the different flavou… Read more
I really appreciate your efforts everything to be done professionaly and on time. It’s impressive
Thank you Alex! We are looking forward to continuing usage of your products (I grew up with Bulgarian food). Kindly, Morty
Hi, Thank you for the cookbook. The spice I was looking for was not available in the stores near mine.
Saya A.
Thanks for update. I am so anxious to receive original (I hope) sharena salt. I got it few days ago from  AMAZON.com – but it is not it. I still remember smell and taste real spice – and it is not wh… Read more
Krystyna Downarowicz
Love them David S.
David S.
Dear Ivo, in my younger days I travelled a lot to Bulgaria and simply loved the food there, especially the many dishes with vegetables. I got used to some of the spices very much and would not want… Read more
My friend lives in Sofia, and gave me some of the “green salt” which I love! Now wanting to try more.
Annie N.
You were mentioned in a webpage about Sicilian honey garlic, spotted during a walk this week. I love the wild garlic that grows in the UK and wondered if the Sicilian variety was edible too. I also lo… Read more
Hello Ivo -I was born and razed in Bulgaria and so is my wife-thanks for all your helpmichael
mihran b.

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