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Bulgarian cooking traditions are centuries old. Bulgarian cuisine is rich in spices, herbs and condiments. Many of the Bulgarian spices are indigenous to the region and are so unique and flavorful that people all over the world fall in love with them when they try them.If you are one of these people or if you would like to try the magical world of Bulgarian spices then we are here for you. We help bring the magic of Bulgarian spices to your table! Anywhere in the world!Happy shopping! 

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I had a bulgarian room mate, i know the spices from her. She even sent me once for christmas here in us. I finished it and looking for more. I might even give one as a christmas present. I love to u… Read more
Monica B.
The best chicken soup I ever tasted was on a Rick Steves tour when we were hosted for lunch by a Roma woman. Our guide gave us a packet of seasoning which turned out to be the secret element in the … Read more
Kendyll S.
mostly only have used to make kavarma with chicken……..love it…..had it on a trip to budapest…..thank you…….
Здравей Иво, Благодаря за твоя емайл. Аз съм българин и живея в Нова Зеландия. Сега разбираш, защо обичам чубр… Read more
I haven’t had Chubritsa since I was a kid, they don’t sell summer savory here so I decided to buy Bulgarian brand to try it out. I used to have it with toast and butter.
Filip L.
Zdravei Ivo, I need the Bg spices because I cannot make the delicious food that my family and I love without them. There is no substitute for these ingredients where we live. Thank you so much for … Read more
thank you so much! we actually received it today and they are very yummy Thank you again! Brani A.
Brani A.
Hi Ivo Today I received my Bulgarian spice Souvenir jar With a beautiful Bulgarian design Thank you!
Hey thanks so much! I did receive the package and I am very happy with the purchase. Thanks again!
Georgi Y.
I am looking forward to order some spices

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