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Bulgarian cooking traditions are centuries old. Bulgarian cuisine is rich in spices, herbs and condiments. Many of the Bulgarian spices are indigenous to the region and are so unique and flavorful that people all over the world fall in love with them when they try them.
If you are one of these people or if you would like to try the magical world of Bulgarian spices then we are here for you. We help bring the magic of Bulgarian spices to your table! Anywhere in the world!
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What is the number ONE reason that you buy Bulgarian spices? – My girlfriend is in LOVE with your product! __ Sincerely, Denis S
Denis S
Hello Ivo. My number one reason for buying these spices and being excited to cook Bulgarian dishes, is my husband. My husband and his family are from Bulgaria. So, I’m trying to cook more authentic… Read more
Hi there, Got the shipment – it all looks good. Specifically the Samardala is much better quality than the one you have as picture on the website. tan B.
Stan B.
Alex Many thanks. Have run out of Spice so keen to get more.
Tom Cook
I purchased it in the past. I must say that I absolutely loved the spices! Also, you are very friendly and helpful, and that counts a lot!
Lilly-Ann / France
Dear Ivo, I live permanently in Japan. Japanese TV program recommended this spice (Samardala). I want give it a try. Thank you for link to the Classic Bulgarian Recipes Cookbook. Thank you for yo… Read more
I like your spices because they remind me about my childhood. I grew up in Bulgaria going out every day to play on the street with a toast with butter and some chubritsa on top. Oh, memories…
Silvia / New York
Vacation in bulgaria. Found these spices.. And loved them. And now i found them again.. Thank you. Will by again and AGAIN.
Ann L.
My friend from Bulgaria her sister sent her a few bottles of the Bulgarian spice with a beautiful design and she gave me one and I’m afraid I’ll run out I use it on my eggs every morning and at lu… Read more
Kathleen O.
Ivo, good afternoon! I’m president of juries at 2 film festivals, in Slovakia and Turkey and I have many colleagues in Serbia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria and I’ve had the pleasure of visiting/wor… Read more
Roger W.

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