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Bulgarian cooking traditions are centuries old. Bulgarian cuisine is rich in spices, herbs and condiments. Many of the Bulgarian spices are indigenous to the region and are so unique and flavorful that people all over the world fall in love with them when they try them.If you are one of these people or if you would like to try the magical world of Bulgarian spices then we are here for you. We help bring the magic of Bulgarian spices to your table! Anywhere in the world!Happy shopping! 

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Hi Ivo. We have been visited Bulgaria many many times. We love bulgarian food and always bring back those spices. They are not sold in Canada. Thank you
Much appreciated Ivo! My cousin barbecued kebapche that was seasoned with my chubritza; delicious!
Ivo, I am enjoying the Bulgarian spices…..sent some of the packages to a good friend in Russia. She used one of them, but put too much in the food! Now she knows how strong they are. I have been to… Read more
I buy your spices because I enjoy the taste, and I use them in my cooking. I also wanted to try making some at home. I love how they taste!
Lee / Romania
What is the number ONE reason that you buy Bulgarian spices? Tradition
Roumi G
Hi, This spice does not exist in Israel and I love it very much.
Everything is OK . You are the only supplier of the herb I purchased and if I’ll need it again I will order from you. Regards Michael P.
Michael P.
I am Bulgarian and my husband is American. We love to incorporate all the Bulgarian spices in our meals. Thank you for the cook book!
Parcel arrived safely today Ivo. Can’t wait to try them all out.
Yvonne D.
I am from Blagoevgrad and miss Sirena, moussaka and shopska. Cant have moussaka without chubarica.
Adam H.

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