Pumpkin Season – Recipes

It is the Pumpkin Season. Enjoy some of the recipes with pumpkin that Bulgarians like to cook. They are mostly sweet dishes. Have a look at the sweet recipes for Pumpkin Banitsa (Tikvenik), Baked Pumpkin, Baked pumpkin with milk, Pumpkin with walnuts:   Pumpkin Banitsa (Tikvenik) For the dough: 2 lbs flour A pinch of salt 1 […]

Bulgarian Soups Part I

Bulgarians enjoy to eat soups – vegetarian or with meat or fish. Bulgarian soups are mainly light and served as a starter. Some of them are flavored with yogurt just before eating, we stay true to our favorite Bulgarian yogurt. Very famous Bulgarian soup is the Tripe soup that people eat after hangover. Here are the […]

Bulgarian Meals and Bulgarian Recipes

Bulgarian Food and Bulgarian Recipes To get the most out of the spices you can find in Bulgarianspices.com you need a good recipe for Bulgarian meals. Knowing how to use the spices ensures you becoming The Master Chef of the Bulgarian cuisine. With Bulgarian Spices Blog we aim to bring to your table the tastiest dishes from the traditional […]

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