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How to make tasty Kozunak- traditional Easter sweet bread

Traditional Easter Kozunak   Ingredients: 1 kg flour 6 eggs 200 g butter or 1:1 butter:oil 200 g sugar 1 fresh yeast 250 ml milk grinded lemon zest 1 spoon rum almonds for decoration 1/3 tea cup raisins and/or chocolate chips pinch of salt 1 egg – white part Preparation:  Sift the flour into a deep bowl. Separately broke the eggs and […]

Bean and Potato Salad and Winter Salad

We all know how important is to live healthy. The salads are main part of our healthy diet and our grannies knew that. Additionally it is crucial to eat seasonal vegetables. That is why we offer two Bulgarian recipes for tasty salad with seasonal vegetables. They are healthy and delicious. Try them during winter time: […]

Kebapche and Kyufte( Meatball)

Kebapche and Kyufte One of the most traditional every day meal for a busy Bulgarian is Kebapche and/or Kyufte garnished with homemade French Fries, Lutenitsa and Cabbage Salad or Shopska Salad. Here you will find the recipe for Kebapche, Kyufte and Cabbage Salad. This is the easiest recipe to prepare and sooo tasty.   Kyufte 2 […]

Delicious Lamb Dishes

Lamb Skewers Ingredients: 1 lamb shoulder 3 scallions 1 stalk green garlic 1/2 cup red wine 3 tbsp vegetable oil 2 tbsp dried ground lovage (common hogweed) 1 tsp dried spearmint Salt to taste 1 tbsp paprika powder 1/2 tsp dried rosemary   1. Cut the lamb in small skewer-size pieces. 2.Place the lamb in […]

Luchnik (Banitsa with leaks and rice)

Luchnik (Лучник) Luchnik is one of the delicious meals from my parents childhood that they will never forget. For my grandmother to know how to prepare luchnik is a matter of pride. That is why you should try this recipe. I would like to show you the taste of our childhood. Luchnik is a pastry […]

Bulgarian Soups Part II

For the ones that love to eat soup, I highly recommend  tasting these Bulgarian soups: Lentils soup, Meatballs soup( Supa Topcheta) and Hen Soup. They are my favorite and my mum is always obliged to prepare one of them for our family gatherings.  😉 Meatballs soup Meatballs soup is called Supa Topcheta (Супа топчета) in […]

Pumpkin Season – Recipes

It is the Pumpkin Season. Enjoy some of the recipes with pumpkin that Bulgarians like to cook. They are mostly sweet dishes. Have a look at the sweet recipes for Pumpkin Banitsa (Tikvenik), Baked Pumpkin, Baked pumpkin with milk, Pumpkin with walnuts:   Pumpkin Banitsa (Tikvenik) For the dough: 2 lbs flour A pinch of salt 1 […]

Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Stuffed Peppers Stuffed Peppers is very favorite traditional meal that can include meat or not. It depends from your own preferences. Bulgarians eat it mainly with minced pork meat. It is easy recipe and delicious. Ingredients:  6 green or red peppers 1/2 lb minced meat (beef or pork) 1 cup white rice 2 tbsp oil 1 tomato, […]

Bulgarian Soups Part I

Bulgarians enjoy to eat soups – vegetarian or with meat or fish. Bulgarian soups are mainly light and served as a starter. Some of them are flavored with yogurt just before eating, we stay true to our favorite Bulgarian yogurt. Very famous Bulgarian soup is the Tripe soup that people eat after hangover. Here are the […]

Bulgarian Meals and Bulgarian Recipes

Bulgarian Food and Bulgarian Recipes To get the most out of the spices you can find in you need a good recipe for Bulgarian meals. Knowing how to use the spices ensures you becoming The Master Chef of the Bulgarian cuisine. With Bulgarian Spices Blog we aim to bring to your table the tastiest dishes from the traditional […]