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How to make tasty Kozunak- traditional Easter sweet bread

traditional Easter sweet bread

Traditional Easter Kozunak   Ingredients: 1 kg flour 6 eggs 200 g butter or 1:1 butter:oil 200 g sugar 1 fresh yeast 250 ml milk grinded lemon zest 1 spoon rum almonds for decoration 1/3 tea cup raisins and/or chocolate chips pinch of salt 1 egg – white part Preparation:  Sift the flour into a deep bowl. Separately broke the eggs and […]

Granny March,1st of March and the Martenitsa

Martenitsa Pijo and Penda for door

In Bulgaria, March 1st is celebrated as Baba Marta Day (Granny March). On this day, people give each other Martenitsa with wishes for health, happiness and luck. Martenitsa (Martenica, Marteniza, мартеница) is a red and white talisman symbolizing health and fertility.. According to tradition, Martenitsa are always given as gifts to family and friends. Typically, […]

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