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Please find below some of the most common questions that people had asked us. If you can’t find the answer to your questions, feel free to contact us.For questions about shipping and returns please check the Shipping and Returns page.

Which countries do you ship to?
We can ship your order to almost anywhere in the world. Since our products are non-perishable and with no live or active ingredients, they are not restricted to import by any customs in any country that we know of. So far we've successfully been sending them to 67 countries on 6 continents so it is very likely that we had already sent Bulgarian spices to other customers from your country before.
How long will delivery take?
We usually ship within 1-2 days. Then delivery times depend entirely on your local postal service. On average that takes around 3-5 days depending on where in the world you are located.
Can I track my order?
Yes. If you had selected shipping with tracking option, then simply login to your account to see the status of your order and track it.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards and PayPal. We also accept direct bank transfers in Europe, UK and the US -- please contact us for more details if you prefer paying by bank transfer. You can select your preferred method of payment at checkout.
I don't want to give my card details online. Can I still order?
Yes. Simply email us at and we will get in touch to sort out the payment -- most likely over the phone or via direct bank transfer.
Can I order by telephone?
Yes. However, please email us first at and we will respond with the best number to call for your part of the world.
What happens if my parcel is damaged when it arrives?
In the highly unlikely event that your parcel is damaged, or shows signs of having been tampered with, please take it from the post office and contact us right away. Please take photos of the damaged package and contents and send them to us so we can work out the best way to go about it.
Can I return my order?
Orders that are not damaged can still be returned to us but only in their original unopened packaging and the items inside should show no signs that they've been tampered with. Upon receiving the items back, we will issue a refund for the items. We cannot refund shipping costs.
How secure is shopping in your online shop? Is my data protected?
All transactions made on the our website are secure and are done over a 246-bit SSL secure connection. In addition, we do not store any of your data on our servers -- it is all processed by the credit card processors we use (Stripe and PayPal).