Ann L.

Vacation in bulgaria. Found these spices.. And loved them. And now i found them again.. Thank you. Will by again and AGAIN.

Eli L.

I love those special Bulgarian spice, which I discovered last year when I visited Bulgaria, and have been using it on everything – hard boiled eggs, hamburgers, etc. Already used one of the 10 packs I bought from you. Will order more when I am out.

Danielle K.

The chubritza I bought is delicious! So the kebapche now taste the way they’re supposed to. I still have plenty, so I don’t need to buy more for now. But I appreciate you checking.

John K.

Is the salt i ordered the Bulgarian spice mix. Cos thats what im looking for. Had booked for sunny beach again for july but cant see it happening and running low on the spices.


Zdraveite Ivo! Thanks for your email and for selling Bulgarian spices online. I usually would have to pack home as many spices as I could in my luggage when returning home from Bulgaria. Number one reason I buy Bulgarian spices is that they make me think of Bulgaria, which is a country I love and […]


Dear Ivo I was born in Bulgaria and samardala was always at our dinner table and in the kitchen. My mother also used to grow it.There are things in life that you never forget. Mustafa

Carole S.

My spices came today. Thanks so much for your help on this. Can’t wait to try the Balkan Rasenitsa Salt. Carole S.


Hello Well we visit Bulgaria quite a bit for Christmas when snow is around, and we love the Bulgarian dishes and we asked around in many places what the spice was they used and this was the one, we have just run out of what we had so time to buy more as we won’t […]

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