Ronnie P.

A real person – Happy Customer here !!!
Well sir, the reason I’m purchasing your spices is because they’re authentic, and we can’t find
this product anywhere else. Still can’t believe I found your site – luckey me!
I’ve spent many years going to Bulgaria, Romania… etc, and one evening as I was driving
down to Burgas,(sometimes transliterated as Bourgas), I stopped at a little roadside vender,
and she had exactly what I was looking for; spices to make the Bulgarian Bob chorba (or bob
chorpa), it’s a thick bean soup, and it’s festively served in a hollowed out bread bowl.
So this morning I made a big pot of Bob chorba for our dinner guests tonight, and discovered
that I’m now officially out of all the Bulgarian spices that US Customs almost made me throw

Ronnie P.
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