Hello Ivo,
Two years ago we traveled to Bulgaria and had some delicious dishes that were prepared with
some traditional spices. We ended up buying a kilo of the spice because the restaurant where
we bought it would only offer it in that quantity. We ran out but last year a Bulgarian style
restaurant opened near us in Florida. We spoke to the owner chef about our love of the spice
and he gave us a packet to try. It turned out to be one of the spices you offer on your website.
When I googled “Bulgarian spices” your site popped up and I was very happy to see that I
could purchase it here in the states!
I also decided to try your sampler to see if we might find additional ones we like.
Thank you for the link to the Cookbook! I look forward to trying some of them.
I appreciate you reaching out this way. We really enjoyed our time in Bulgaria and this helps
bring back memories as well as provide yummy enhancements to our meals.
Best regards,

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