Dear Ivo,
in my younger days I travelled a lot to Bulgaria and simply loved the food there, especially the
many dishes with vegetables.
I got used to some of the spices very much and would not want to miss them anymore in my
And some traditional Bulgarian dishes are still part of our usual meals now.
Now I do not have the time and maybe not the mates to travel with to Bulgaria.
Getting a real Scharena sol or a Samardala in Germany is almost impossible.
I found some offers of Bulgarian spices at Amazon that somehow let me assume that there might
be online shops out there too.
So I used my search engine and found your shop.
I actually had to assure myself that it will work out in the end last time, when I first bought spices
in your shop.
It is Europe, Ok, but still far away… And it worked. And the spices are simply … Bulgaria.
You know, the scents, the names …
Some spices of my last order are still there and others have to be refilled.
So my number ONE reason to buy spices in your shop is – because I cannot buy them here.
Have a nice day!

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