Last updated: 03/05/2021

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Dear Ivo,
My kinds likes them!

Els V.

Well we visit Bulgaria quite a bit for Christmas when snow is around, and we love the
Bulgarian dishes and we asked around in many places what the spice was they used and this
was the one, we have just run out of what we had so time to buy more as we won’t be visiting
Bulgaria this year for more as we have this virus going around, we have it on most dishes it’s
just lovely.
Thank you miss Barr.


I miss the Bulgarian Spices and due to the travel restrictions cannot come in person to buy
them. Thank you for the opportunity to buy them from your website and my best wishes in all
your endeavors, Sania


My wife is Bulgarian and has been using Bulgarian spices to cook my meals for ages. Eventually the ones we had ran out. So glad that I found your site.

William / Pretoria

Hi Ivo-
I wanted to answer your question about why i purchased Bulgarian spices. Our neighbors and
good friends are from a small town called Razlog. We eat with them often, and she always has
the special salt with the bread, salad and many other Bulgarian favorites. She gave us some
Sharena sol salt and my kids put it on everything!
We plan to go back with them next summer and drive down to Greece too.
Growing up with a foreign born mother (Denmark)- and spending every summer in
Scandinavia & beyond, I’m always curious to learn more about new countries & cultures.
Best, Maja


thank you so much! I can’t wait to try them!!! Have a wonderful year! :o)


Купувам ги защото съм българин е не мога без български подправки, а тук в Канада се намират трудно.


Because it reminds me of when I lived in Plovdiv. Hot bread and Chubritsa before a meal….what could be better!!!!


We are really enjoying the spices, we will order some more shortly.


Thank you Alex! We are looking forward to continuing usage of your products (I grew up with Bulgarian
Kindly, Morty