Last updated: 23/05/2022

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Is the salt i ordered the Bulgarian spice mix. Cos thats what im looking for. Had booked for sunny beach again for july but cant see it happening and running low on the spices.

John K.

The for your email. The spices came in the afternoon post. I had some on my toast this
morning it was great the smell of Bulgaria is back. Thz

martin duval

I love the flavour of the colourful salt, we use it on chicken and lamb. We live in Australia so getting regular quantities of the smaller bottles would be costly which is why I was hoping for a bulk option. It does not have to be a colourful variety. I am simply after the flavours offered by the one I have (in the attachment) which looks like the colourful one which we received as
a gift and I am now addicted. Do you offer a bulk non colour option with the same flavours?


Dear Ivo
Many thanks for your email.
We visited Bulgaria many years ago and while we were there (Sunny Beach) my wife purchased a
large pack of Bulgarian spice.
We have used it in many meals and love the taste.
However we finished the packet a few years ago and the other day my wife said she really misses not
having any more Bulgarian spice, so I did a search today and found your great website and have
ordered 20 packets.
The only thing I am not sure of, is what size each packet is.
Also many thanks for the Classic cook book.
Once we have read through we will back to purchase more of your great spices.
Best Regards

Dave & Sue

Hello Ivo, I tried Sharena the first time I visited Bulgaria and loved the flavours, and th
country, I’ve been back 6 times and travelled all over. Now I’ve shared the taste with my
friends at home so I have to order more to share it around!
Regards Dave Deacon

Dave Deacon

I have a Bulgarian friend here in Canada and I love her chubritsa. It smells amazing and it
wonderful to add to my cooking. I enjoy it a lot. I only have sherena solt but I can’t find
chubritsa easily here. It’s beautiful to add and cook with!. Thanks.

Sam n.

I am buying Bulgarian spices because I have a summer home there that I cannot visit this
summer. It is in Sunny Beach, and it is a condo that I own together with some very close Russian
friends……we like to spend our summers together like a family, and our place is perfect. I have
eaten lots of Bulgarian food there, and enjoy the spices. Since I cannot get there this year, at least
I can pretend that I am there, by cooking with Bulgarian spices, even though I am in Canada.

Bryan B.

Hi Ivo,
Good name – my brother-in-law is called Ivo, but he’s German. I’ve never met another Ivo
before 🙂
The reason I ordered my spice was that I want to make bob chorba for the people who run my
local pub. They are Bulgarian and one of them helped me get a cookbook in Bulgarian as I
collect cook books in different languages so I want to make them something to say thank you.
Take care,


Many Japanese poeple were influenced by the TV program, which introduced the Samardala.
I am one of the influenced person because the Samardala looked very yummy spice!
In the TV program, the Bulgarian food blogger, Ms. Nedialka Koleva introduced the Samardala,
with sprinkling it to sandwiches and tomato soup.
I am looking forward to tase the Samardala as soon as possible:)
Thank you.

Kinuyo Oda

My Polish wife normally brings czubrica czerwona back with her from Poland. We call it
“magic spice” and we put it on everything we make: pasta, bean salad, stir fries, stews. We can
imagine living without it, and we are running low!

Alex R.