Last updated: 22/02/2021

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I ordered Samardala because I really like it on boiled eggs. My father was Bulgarian and
someone had Samardala as a spice on the table when we visited Bulgaria and I became
addicted. Here in Sweden this spice cannot be bought anywhere so I was happy when I found
your site.
Best wishes,


I’ve visited Bulgaria several times, having a wonderful holidays at Your country! I’ve always
visited shops and marketplaces to find something unic, very characteristic for the country,
ones of them are local spices. I just love them!
My previously bought items are almost at the end, this e-shopping is a wonderful way to
get new ones!


I discovered Bulgarian spices during a tourist trip to Bulgaria last year. I
bought a little jar of spices that I tasted at home and I love it!
What you sell looks like it, hope it will be that good. Good day Sincerely


Thank you for contacting us. The reason I decided to buy spices was because Bulgarian spices were introduced on
TV and I wanted to cook and eat them. I’ve never been to Bulgaria, but I’m in a sommelier looking at the
compatibility of wine and various dishes. I also like delicious meals. And I want to share the delicious food with
people I know. I am looking forward to receiving spices. Thanks to Ivo’s shop, I was able to buy spices not found
in Japan. thank you very much. Thank you for shipping products

thuchi y

Everything is perfect and the spices are great. I still have quite some left – I’ll reorder when I’ll be out.
Have a great week and thanks for the discount!


Hi Ivo.
Nice to read you.
The spices are delicious!
I met them at the home of Bulgarian friends.
In fact, I’ve given away quite a few 🙂
Thank you very much for the coupon.
I will make another request.

Estela M.

I love those special Bulgarian spice, which I discovered last year when I visited Bulgaria, and have been using it on everything – hard boiled eggs, hamburgers, etc. Already used one of the 10 packs I bought from you. Will order more when I am out.

Eli L.

Hi Ivo!
Yes I am very pleased with the spices, especially the sharena salt. It was exactly what I
wanted! I use it on my breakfast sandwiches with tomato.
Thank you for the coupon! I will take a look at your store.
All the best,
– Albin


Dear Ivo,
I live permanently in Japan.
Japanese TV program recommended this spice (Samardala).
I want give it a try.
Thank you for link to the Classic Bulgarian Recipes Cookbook.
Thank you for your nice contact!


I really appreciate your efforts everything to be done professionaly and on time. It’s