Last updated: 15/07/2024

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Love the spices I bought!
Makes all difference in the flavour of homemade Bop!
Will definitely buy more spices from u in the future


I had a bulgarian room mate, i know the spices from her. She even sent me once for christmas
here in us. I finished it and looking for more. I might even give one as a christmas present.
I love to use on eggs and on a special broccoli carrot salad:)

Monica B.

Dear Ivo,
Greetings. Imagine the spices are not over yet. I will get back in December for a fresh order.


Well we visit Bulgaria quite a bit for Christmas when snow is around, and we love the
Bulgarian dishes and we asked around in many places what the spice was they used and this
was the one, we have just run out of what we had so time to buy more as we won’t be visiting
Bulgaria this year for more as we have this virus going around, we have it on most dishes it’s
just lovely.
Thank you miss Barr.


Hi, Ivo,
Thank you for the email. I grew up with Bulgarian spices so at times I miss them.


I haven’t had Chubritsa since I was a kid, they don’t sell summer savory here so I decided to
buy Bulgarian brand to try it out. I used to have it with toast and butter.

Filip L.

Hi Ivo!
My grandparents were Bulgarian and love the flavors! Remind me of them!
Thank you


Hi Ivo
I went twice on a holiday trip in Varna.
Second holiday trip market seller sold me spice and tells me this is Bulgarian tradional spice mix.
There were only cyrillic letters on the bag and text traditional spice mix.
Then i found your home page and saw similar letters in the spice back, then i see its Sharena salt.
Best regards Jukka


Everything is perfect and the spices are great. I still have quite some left – I’ll reorder when I’ll be out.
Have a great week and thanks for the discount!


The main reason is I work with a college who is from Bulgaria. He made me some Bulgarian
meatballs and I had to get the recipe as they were delicious. I found your site when searching
for the ingredients. I hope that answers your question. Thankyou for the recipes I’m sure I will
try many of the recipes as cooking is a hobby for me. Again thankyou