Last updated: 29/11/2021

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I really appreciate your fast and great service. Everything came intake and I enjoy the spices.
Thank you

Elena P.

Hi Ivo,
My close friend is Bulgarian and I’ve visited Bulgaria. Wonderful place, amazing food.

Jennifer Y.

Dear Ivo,
in my younger days I travelled a lot to Bulgaria and simply loved the food there, especially the
many dishes with vegetables.
I got used to some of the spices very much and would not want to miss them anymore in my
And some traditional Bulgarian dishes are still part of our usual meals now.
Now I do not have the time and maybe not the mates to travel with to Bulgaria.
Getting a real Scharena sol or a Samardala in Germany is almost impossible.
I found some offers of Bulgarian spices at Amazon that somehow let me assume that there might
be online shops out there too.
So I used my search engine and found your shop.
I actually had to assure myself that it will work out in the end last time, when I first bought spices
in your shop.
It is Europe, Ok, but still far away… And it worked. And the spices are simply … Bulgaria.
You know, the scents, the names …
Some spices of my last order are still there and others have to be refilled.
So my number ONE reason to buy spices in your shop is – because I cannot buy them here.
Have a nice day!


Hello Ivo,
I use it them in a bulgarian recipe I got from my great aunt, but I can’t find the spices here in Belgium.

David V

My wife is from Bulgaria and was looking for a few spices that are hard to find in the US. I
saw your site and decided to give it a try.

Michael and Ivana C.

I love the flavour of the colourful salt, we use it on chicken and lamb. We live in Australia so getting regular quantities of the smaller bottles would be costly which is why I was hoping for a bulk option. It does not have to be a colourful variety. I am simply after the flavours offered by the one I have (in the attachment) which looks like the colourful one which we received as
a gift and I am now addicted. Do you offer a bulk non colour option with the same flavours?


Hi Ivo,
Good name – my brother-in-law is called Ivo, but he’s German. I’ve never met another Ivo
before 🙂
The reason I ordered my spice was that I want to make bob chorba for the people who run my
local pub. They are Bulgarian and one of them helped me get a cookbook in Bulgarian as I
collect cook books in different languages so I want to make them something to say thank you.
Take care,


Hi Ivo,
Many thanks for my recent order. All arrived intact and promptly.
I have bought from yourselves before and will continue to do so, your products are of good
quality and your service is excellent.
Best regards,


Hi Ivo,
I lived in Bulgaria until I was nine years old. I left Bulgaria in 1947 and now I’m in America
since 1952.
I have had this memory of fragrances in my grandmother’s kitchen in Bulgaria. When for the
first time I visited Bulgaria in 2008 and in a restaurant on the table I smelled the spice in a
shaker I realized that it was the aroma of Chubrica that I had liked and it had stayed with me
Kind regards,


I did not order yogurt starter but did order spices and love them. I shall order again in the future.