Last updated: 15/04/2024

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That’s wonderful – I can’t wait to get my hands on it tonight 🙂
Thank you so much!


Hi Ivo
Thank you for the email. I’m so happy I found your site. I’m originally from Sofia, but now I live in Brisbane. So finding Bulgarian food or spice is nearly impossible here. I’m looking forward to getting the spices soon. I only wish your site had more bg food to offer. Maybe some time in the near future.
All the best!


Hi Ivo,
The number one reason I buy Bulgarian spices, is because I mostly cook Bulgarian food, recipes left to me by my mom and grandma. I hope that helps and I look forward to getting my package. Thank you for keeping a store like yours accessible to all of us.


I’d sent my email before I realised I got a free recipe book with my order….thank you so
much!, that was a lovely surprise!!
Kind regards,
Susan R.

Susan R.

Good Morning Ivo,
I was looking to buy red chubrica but I was not able to find it anywhere.
I am looking forward for the spice that was ordered to arrive as I heard only good things about
Thank you,


Dear Ivo
I was born in Bulgaria and samardala was always at our dinner table and in the kitchen. My mother also used to grow it.There are
things in life that you never forget.


My wife is Bulgarian and has been using Bulgarian spices to cook my meals for ages. Eventually the ones we had ran out. So glad that I found your site.

William / Pretoria

Hey Ivo,
We’re still good for spices right now, but would love access to Bulgarian meats, cheeses, and
other foods – and possibly wine / rakia in the future! Please continue to expand your offerings
in Canada. 🙂

Don K.

Goodmorning Ivo
A friend who visited Bulgary used the spices on many kind of food.
And because I liked the taste I bought it at your store- online. I think that was two years ago.
And now I order again because I still love it.
I use it on meat, soups, baken eggs and many more
Kind rgrts


My name is michal
MY parents of my husband from Bulgaria And
miss the Bulgarian taste