Last updated: 06/04/2020

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It’s wonderful being able to sprinkle chubritsa on tarator, eggs, kebapche. It really is a unique
spice. So very glad I can enjoy it!

Danielle K

I buy your spices because I enjoy the taste, and I use them in my cooking. I also wanted to try making some at home. I love how they taste!

Lee / Romania

Thank you for contacting us. The reason I decided to buy spices was because Bulgarian spices were introduced on
TV and I wanted to cook and eat them. I’ve never been to Bulgaria, but I’m in a sommelier looking at the
compatibility of wine and various dishes. I also like delicious meals. And I want to share the delicious food with
people I know. I am looking forward to receiving spices. Thanks to Ivo’s shop, I was able to buy spices not found
in Japan. thank you very much. Thank you for shipping products

thuchi y

Dear Ivo
Since I can’t speak English, I use a translation site to write sentences
Thanks for telling me the recipe
> What is the number ONE reason that you buy Bulgarian spices?
I watched Bulgarian pottery and food on a Japanese TV program (NHK).
Among them, Samardala was introduced as very delicious and I wanted to buy it.
After the broadcast, Samardala became a hot topic in Japan, and after searching
on the Internet, the site here was posted, so I ordered it.
I am looking forward to receiving it


Dear Ivo
Many thanks for your email.
We visited Bulgaria many years ago and while we were there (Sunny Beach) my wife purchased a
large pack of Bulgarian spice.
We have used it in many meals and love the taste.
However we finished the packet a few years ago and the other day my wife said she really misses not
having any more Bulgarian spice, so I did a search today and found your great website and have
ordered 20 packets.
The only thing I am not sure of, is what size each packet is.
Also many thanks for the Classic cook book.
Once we have read through we will back to purchase more of your great spices.
Best Regards

Dave & Sue

Dear Ivo,
in my younger days I travelled a lot to Bulgaria and simply loved the food there, especially the
many dishes with vegetables.
I got used to some of the spices very much and would not want to miss them anymore in my
And some traditional Bulgarian dishes are still part of our usual meals now.
Now I do not have the time and maybe not the mates to travel with to Bulgaria.
Getting a real Scharena sol or a Samardala in Germany is almost impossible.
I found some offers of Bulgarian spices at Amazon that somehow let me assume that there might
be online shops out there too.
So I used my search engine and found your shop.
I actually had to assure myself that it will work out in the end last time, when I first bought spices
in your shop.
It is Europe, Ok, but still far away… And it worked. And the spices are simply … Bulgaria.
You know, the scents, the names …
Some spices of my last order are still there and others have to be refilled.
So my number ONE reason to buy spices in your shop is – because I cannot buy them here.
Have a nice day!


I just assumed you are located in Bulgaria 🙂 And I guess I am always a bit sceptical when I order
in a new online store.
But it makes it even better when you find one which is reliable, like yours.
Best regards,


Many Japanese poeple were influenced by the TV program, which introduced the Samardala.
I am one of the influenced person because the Samardala looked very yummy spice!
In the TV program, the Bulgarian food blogger, Ms. Nedialka Koleva introduced the Samardala,
with sprinkling it to sandwiches and tomato soup.
I am looking forward to tase the Samardala as soon as possible:)
Thank you.

Kinuyo Oda

Many thanks. Have run out of Spice so keen to get more.

Tom Cook

My wife is Bulgarian and has been using Bulgarian spices to cook my meals for ages. Eventually the ones we had ran out. So glad that I found your site.

William / Pretoria