Last updated: 23/01/2023

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Love the spices I bought!
Makes all difference in the flavour of homemade Bop!
Will definitely buy more spices from u in the future


Hi Ivo,
No problem at all. The spices are lovely but I live on my own and I buy up about 6 months supply at a time so will be ordering again in a couple of months or so.


Thank you for contacting us. The reason I decided to buy spices was because Bulgarian spices were introduced on
TV and I wanted to cook and eat them. I’ve never been to Bulgaria, but I’m in a sommelier looking at the
compatibility of wine and various dishes. I also like delicious meals. And I want to share the delicious food with
people I know. I am looking forward to receiving spices. Thanks to Ivo’s shop, I was able to buy spices not found
in Japan. thank you very much. Thank you for shipping products

thuchi y

I am buying Bulgarian spices because I have a summer home there that I cannot visit this
summer. It is in Sunny Beach, and it is a condo that I own together with some very close Russian
friends……we like to spend our summers together like a family, and our place is perfect. I have
eaten lots of Bulgarian food there, and enjoy the spices. Since I cannot get there this year, at least
I can pretend that I am there, by cooking with Bulgarian spices, even though I am in Canada.

Bryan B.

Hi Ivo,
I’m so pumped I have access to Chubritza & Samardala! I normally stock up when I travel
back to Bulgaria and it’s been a few years now so my supplies have been completely depleted.
Number one reason is taste. I can’t survive without bread and cheese and I can’t have cheese
without Chubritza. I guess that makes the number one reason survival. I’ll let you decide.
Kind regards,


Hi Ivo,
I did a cultural walking tour of Sofia in 2019 which included lots of delicious food – one of the
things I enjoyed was
шарена сол, so I brought some home with me and my stock is running low, so I was delighted to discover I
could buy it online. Thank you.
Best Regards,


My friend from Bulgaria her sister sent her a few bottles of the Bulgarian spice with a beautiful design and she gave me one and I’m afraid I’ll run out I use it on my eggs every morning and at lunchtime to I was so impressed with the flavor in the history of it and the design is beautiful can’t wait for my order I’ll be ordering more to it was good on everything from lamb to salads to all the vegetables thank you so much
Kathleen O.

Kathleen O.

Last summer I was in your country and enjoyed the food very much.
We have a friend there that made some food for us and I took two spices from her that I’m using- want to get more and give them as gifts to all my family members.
I also want to try more spices you recommend.

Nir S.

Thank you Alex! We are looking forward to continuing usage of your products (I grew up with Bulgarian
Kindly, Morty


Is it possible for you to send me the Bulgarian recipe book? I would love to share it with the friends that stay with me when we are in Sunny Beach,.

Bryan B.