Last updated: 19/07/2021

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Hi Ivo,
Thanks so much for the link!
There’s a few reasons why I buy the spices; I like them a lot, and I am Bulgarian (we left the country when I was
young but I remember well) and my parents always cooked with chubrica and sharena sol 🙂 There is no Bulgarian
stores where I live so I’ve ordered from your website previously and am happy for the opportunity. Thank you very
Have a great day,


I was very happy with my purchase of Bulgarian spices and I use them a lot. I will use
Bulgarian Spices again as the purchase transaction was easy to complete and everything went
smoothly. Thanks


I have been craving toasted bread with the chubrista .
One day I will visit Bulgaria to enjoy the food.

Allen W.

I buy your spices and sell them in my European food store here. People just go heads over heels for them

Monica / Equador

Hi Ivo.
Nice to read you.
The spices are delicious!
I met them at the home of Bulgarian friends.
In fact, I’ve given away quite a few 🙂
Thank you very much for the coupon.
I will make another request.

Estela M.

Hey Ivo! It’s Claire 🙂
My dad loves to cook and I wanted to get him something special for Christmas that he would
use and appreciate! I found out about you guys and it was perfect for him. I’m excited to try
out some new things with him. Thank you for reaching out!

Claire T.

I had a bulgarian room mate, i know the spices from her. She even sent me once for christmas
here in us. I finished it and looking for more. I might even give one as a christmas present.
I love to use on eggs and on a special broccoli carrot salad:)

Monica B.

My friend from Bulgaria her sister sent her a few bottles of the Bulgarian spice with a beautiful design and she gave me one and I’m afraid I’ll run out I use it on my eggs every morning and at lunchtime to I was so impressed with the flavor in the history of it and the design is beautiful can’t wait for my order I’ll be ordering more to it was good on everything from lamb to salads to all the vegetables thank you so much
Kathleen O.

Kathleen O.

The spices are wonderful. It took 2 months for them to get to me – crazy pandemic mail?? 🙂
I have not had a chance to use up what I have but a reorder is likely in my future.


Thank you very much for the order!! It was well received. All spices are intact and delicious!

Ariana Boland