Last updated: 14/09/2020

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В България живеем много българи и ни липсват много (всички) български подправки. Сега покрай
Коронавируса никой не лети и всички минали запаси се изчерпаха. Из Фейсбук търсим една от
друга най-вече чубрица джоджен и самардала.


Hello Ivo,
I was born in Bulgaria and lived there until age 26. My mom used to prepare different
bulgarian spice mixes and I still remember some of her recipes. Unfortunately she is no longer
with us in this world.
Now I am trying to cook.
Krikor D.

Krikor D.

THanks !!!! I appreciated your prompt reply, i loved these spices, my friends just to bring
them to me from Sofia, Bulgaria but now they leave in New York, so i can’t get the same herbs
gown in Bulgaria.

Robert M. Johnson

Vacation in bulgaria.
Found these spices.. And loved them.
And now i found them again..
Thank you.
Will by again and AGAIN.

Ann L.

What is the number ONE reason that you buy Bulgarian spices?
– My girlfriend is in LOVE with your product!
Denis S

Denis S

What is the number ONE reason that you buy Bulgarian spices?

Roumi G

Hi Ivo,
I just wanted to say, thank you for having such a great online store. I was set to go to Bulgaria
this summer and bring back some spices but those plans got cancelled due to the virus. After a
quick google search I found your store, and I’m surprised you carry Samardala and quickly
bought up a few packets. Thanks for providing such a niche service to so many expats.
But as you ask, I put it on everything, especially salads. You definitely can’t go wrong with it.
Atanas S.

Atanas S.

Hello Ivo.
My number one reason for buying these spices and being excited to cook Bulgarian dishes, is
my husband. My husband and his family are from Bulgaria. So, I’m trying to cook more
authentic dishes for him every once in a while.
~ Shawna


Hello Ivo,
I use it them in a bulgarian recipe I got from my great aunt, but I can’t find the spices here in Belgium.

David V

Hi Ivo,
Thank you for you email and offer,
I did not open yet a new one.
I was on vacation.
I guess it has the same taste as I bought in Bulgaria.
Thank you.