Last updated: 13/09/2021

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Thank you for your wonderful service! I love eating Bulgarian meals and I love the way how they get better in taste when you add the original Bulgarian spices to them

Sarah / UK

My friend lives in Sofia, and gave me some of the “green salt” which I love! Now wanting to try more.

Annie N.

Hi Ivo, thank you/благодаря; I’m Bulgarian American BG name Добринка 🙂 I love our BG

Dawn H.

Hi Ivo!! What a pleasure to hear from you. Quite honestly you can learn so much about a culture through its cuisine. The Bulgarian community here in Israel is so vibrant and joyous that I am sure the food must also reflect its character. I am always ready for new adventures!!
Looking very forward to my new spices. Thank you.


Hi Ivo.
Nice to read you.
The spices are delicious!
I met them at the home of Bulgarian friends.
In fact, I’ve given away quite a few 🙂
Thank you very much for the coupon.
I will make another request.

Estela M.

I did not order yogurt starter but did order spices and love them. I shall order again in the future.


I like them from personal experiences many years back. I still have some little rest, which I use only for special meals. So I am glad to have found you on the internet. I hope the ordered stuff will arrive soon!!!


I buy your spices because I enjoy the taste, and I use them in my cooking. I also wanted to try making some at home. I love how they taste!

Lee / Romania

The for your email. The spices came in the afternoon post. I had some on my toast this
morning it was great the smell of Bulgaria is back. Thz

martin duval

Good morning!
My mother in laws parents were from Bulgaria, so we eat Bulgarian spices in everything.
They are my fave!