Last updated: 30/11/2020

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Because it reminds me of when I lived in Plovdiv. Hot bread and Chubritsa before a meal….what could be better!!!!


My Polish wife normally brings czubrica czerwona back with her from Poland. We call it
“magic spice” and we put it on everything we make: pasta, bean salad, stir fries, stews. We can
imagine living without it, and we are running low!

Alex R.

Thanks ordered a few of each
Have a good weekend

Alex Fuller

Hi Ivo
We have just returned from holiday and hope this is the spice we tried there.. Fingers crossed.
Bets wishes


My friend from Bulgaria her sister sent her a few bottles of the Bulgarian spice with a beautiful design and she gave me one and I’m afraid I’ll run out I use it on my eggs every morning and at lunchtime to I was so impressed with the flavor in the history of it and the design is beautiful can’t wait for my order I’ll be ordering more to it was good on everything from lamb to salads to all the vegetables thank you so much
Kathleen O.

Kathleen O.

I am Bulgarian and my husband is American. We love to incorporate all the Bulgarian spices in our meals. Thank you for the cook book!


Exactly what I was looking for!

Jack / USA

Hi Alex,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the spices today and all is well! I will definitely
order from you again – thank you!!

Andi Poulson

Thank you for contacting us. The reason I decided to buy spices was because Bulgarian spices were introduced on
TV and I wanted to cook and eat them. I’ve never been to Bulgaria, but I’m in a sommelier looking at the
compatibility of wine and various dishes. I also like delicious meals. And I want to share the delicious food with
people I know. I am looking forward to receiving spices. Thanks to Ivo’s shop, I was able to buy spices not found
in Japan. thank you very much. Thank you for shipping products

thuchi y

Is it possible for you to send me the Bulgarian recipe book? I would love to share it with the friends that stay with me when we are in Sunny Beach,.

Bryan B.