Last updated: 25/09/2023

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Thanks Alex, since I introduced this to my family and friends, after bringing some back from Sozopol,
now everyone is asking for more!
Regards Dave Deacon

David Deacon

Hello Ivo,
Two years ago we traveled to Bulgaria and had some delicious dishes that were prepared with
some traditional spices. We ended up buying a kilo of the spice because the restaurant where
we bought it would only offer it in that quantity. We ran out but last year a Bulgarian style
restaurant opened near us in Florida. We spoke to the owner chef about our love of the spice
and he gave us a packet to try. It turned out to be one of the spices you offer on your website.
When I googled “Bulgarian spices” your site popped up and I was very happy to see that I
could purchase it here in the states!
I also decided to try your sampler to see if we might find additional ones we like.
Thank you for the link to the Cookbook! I look forward to trying some of them.
I appreciate you reaching out this way. We really enjoyed our time in Bulgaria and this helps
bring back memories as well as provide yummy enhancements to our meals.
Best regards,


My friend is from Bulgaria and she gave me the Bulgarian spice in a glass jar with a beautiful design of the layered

Kathleen O.

My family is exploring foods from different countries during the pandemic. Bulgaria is our next focus. This is our
first order. We are excited to explore new flavors.
Thank you

Ellen D.

I have purchased Bulgarian spices as I have lived in Bulgaria for 7 years and my wife and
daughter are Bulgarian and we have since moved to Australia but the food does not taste the
same and we cannot get the spices for the cooking and when we saw your website we were
very excited that we can finally get some Bulgarian spices and will continue to order.
Jim C.

Jim C.

Vacation in bulgaria.
Found these spices.. And loved them.
And now i found them again..
Thank you.
Will by again and AGAIN.

Ann L.

Hi Ivo,
This is the first time I’ve bought from you. I have a close friend who is Bulgarian and I
wanted to prepare some of his favourite dishes but was having trouble sourcing the
ingredients – mostly herbs and spices here in France; now I’ve found you.
Kind regards


Thanks Ivo
My friend is Bulgarian and she is hot J
There you go
The number one reason J


Hi Ivo,
We’ve only tried one so far. We enjoyed it!
Thank you for the coupon. I don’t think I will be ordering anything in the next 2 weeks since
we haven’t used what we already have.


I loved the recipe for your grandmother’s Luchnik
I am excited to try this as I am now a great grandmother and would love to learn something new

Yvonne D.

Yvonne D.