Last updated: 27/03/2023

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Goodmorning Ivo
A friend who visited Bulgary used the spices on many kind of food.
And because I liked the taste I bought it at your store- online. I think that was two years ago.
And now I order again because I still love it.
I use it on meat, soups, baken eggs and many more
Kind rgrts


Hi Ivo,
The number one reason I buy Bulgarian spices is because I miss Bulgaria.


My Polish wife normally brings czubrica czerwona back with her from Poland. We call it
“magic spice” and we put it on everything we make: pasta, bean salad, stir fries, stews. We can
imagine living without it, and we are running low!

Alex R.

Ivo, good afternoon!
I’m president of juries at 2 film festivals, in Slovakia and Turkey and I have many colleagues
in Serbia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria and I’ve had the pleasure of visiting/working in
Bulgaria. In 2019, on the way back from Izmit to Nis, we stopped for a couple of nights in
Bulgaria and my Serb friends needed to stock up on their Bulgarian spices: I bought some,
especially Sharena Sol… and a sach. I aven’t found anywhere in Switzerland that sells
Bulgarian spices. There used to be a Bulgarian strudelhaus (Poushe) in Zurich, but I
haven’t found any restaurants close by, the nearest being in Grenoble, France. I
notice there is one in my old hunting ground Suburbiton in the UK…

Roger W.

I have been craving toasted bread with the chubrista .
One day I will visit Bulgaria to enjoy the food.

Allen W.

The spices are wonderful. It took 2 months for them to get to me – crazy pandemic mail?? 🙂
I have not had a chance to use up what I have but a reorder is likely in my future.


I am so grateful Ivo.
Yes that was the correct email address but, unfortunately, the page did not recognize me.
Not to worry though – you have the right email address for me so can maintain contact.
As some of these spices are to add to Christmas gift boxes for I am putting together for friends, I wonder if you might be able to supply me with a card or flier about your products so that I can put those in too and maybe get you some are customers?
After all, one good turn deserves another.
Best wishes and much gratitude,

Yvonne D.

Hey Ivo! It’s Claire 🙂
My dad loves to cook and I wanted to get him something special for Christmas that he would
use and appreciate! I found out about you guys and it was perfect for him. I’m excited to try
out some new things with him. Thank you for reaching out!

Claire T.

Is it possible for you to send me the Bulgarian recipe book? I would love to share it with the friends that stay with me when we are in Sunny Beach,.

Bryan B.

Hello Ivo,
my daughter brought me bulgarian spices as a gift from her vacation in Bulgaria. The whole
family fell in love with them. And yes, we put them on everything. They add taste to
everything. 🙂
Thanks for asking and thanks for bringing bulgarian spice to the world.
Best regards