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Here’s our super quick guide to purchasing Bulgarian Spices based on who you need the spices for:

You need Bulgarian food or drinks for


You want to taste the magic of Bulgarian spices

Get some Sharena salt. Then get some Chubritsa. Don’t miss the Samardala. Definitely try the Sharena salt – Bachkovo Style. If you are into cooking, then you’d need some Savory Ronena Chubritsa and pretty much anything from the Bulgarian Spices and Blends category.

And don’t forget to get a yogurt starter if you want to try the most popular variety of yogurt in the world, the Bulgarian yogurt, known for its many benefits, probiotic characteristics, and especially its power to improve health and prolong life!

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You need Bulgarian food or drinks for


You want to surprise them with something nice and unique

Then start with Sharena salt. If you need a present, then get the souvenir jar. If they are wine lovers, get them some Samardala, it goes great with any wine appetizer. Don’t miss Chubritsa and Sharena salt – Rodopska Style.

You can also surprise them with a Bulgarian souvenir or a Bulgarian tea or a candy!

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You need Bulgarian food or drinks for


You have Bulgarian friends and want to pleasantly surprise them

Your Bulgarian friends will appreciate a nice shaker with Sharena salt. Bring them a souvenir jar as well, they might shed a tear of joy when they see it. And if you want them to really think you are an expert on Bulgarian spices, then get them Fenugreek or Djodjen (Spearmint).

Don’t forget o wish your friends health, happiness and luck on 1st of March by giving as a present traditional Bulgarian Souvenir – Martenitsa. And if they have kids, why don’t you gift them one of our kids books in Bulgarian.

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